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High School Oratorical Contest

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Young orators earn some of the most generous college scholarships available to high school students.

Over $138,000 in scholarships can be awarded each year.

The American Legion awards scholarships to the three (3) finalists at the Colorado contest.

American Legion  - Colorado
1st Place $2,500
2nd Place $1,500
3rd Place $1,000

Our winner will represent Colorado at the National Finals.

Each Department (state) Winner who is certified into and participates in the
National Contest's First Round receives a $1,500 scholarship.
Those who advance past the First Round recieve an additional $1,500 scholarship.
The overall National Contest Winner is awarded an $18,000 scholarship.
Second Place receives a $16,000 scholarship.
Third Place receives a $14,000 scholarship.

The American Legion National Organization awards the scholarships, which can be used at any college or university in the United States.